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Wood Topped Tables or Glass Topped Tables?

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You want to hire the best furniture for your event. Of course you don’t want to rent run of the mill plastic tables – your event is small and exclusive and you can afford to hire either wooden tables or glass topped ones. Which one should you choose? This is a commonly asked question even when people are buying furniture for their homes. The truth is that they both have pros and cons.
Wood has one great advantage over almost all other materials – it has a natural, timeless look that can never go wrong. Wood tables, so long as they are expertly constructed, can last a very long time and this is another advantage that they have – because they don’t have to be replaced they are much more eco-friendly. Wood can also be carved into ornate designs which cannot be obtained using glass. If you get a wood table it will be able to match the rest of your décor with ease.

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Some people are against wood tables because they are heavy. If the weight of wooden tables is a concern for you, they you shouldn’t worry about it too much. Go ahead and rent as many wooden tables as you want. The rental company will provide people to move it for you. They will even bring it into the place where you are having the event and place it exactly where you want. Because wood matches with so many things you will have a lot of flexibility when it comes to choosing chairs – you can choose from a wide range to match your tables.
glass tables on a partyGlass tables, on the other hand, provide a modern look and they bring something unexpected into the room. In fact, if the room where you will be having the event is rather small you should use a glass-topped table because glass tends to make small spaces look big (its reflective and transparency properties). Glass is also easier to manage – all you need to do is wipe it. Wood, on the other hand, will need polishing from time to time. If you rent a table made of tempered glass then you will find that it is very hard to damage it – tables made of soft woods can easily get scratched.
Still not able to make up your mind as to which table is best? Then you can call an event planner or even a caterer to help you out. These are individuals whose job it is to plan events and provide food. They will help you decide on the décor of the room by telling you which items will be best suited and where they should stand. These professionals often have their own employees so that they can do everything that is needed to make your event successful. In fact, when the event is finished they clean up and take everything away.
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Chair – Table – Furniture – Hire Company

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Marquees are the perfect solution for outdoor weddings and receptions. These sturdy and durable units are also great for outdoor parties, corporate team-building, and neighborhood events. With marquee hire services, you get a choice selection of canopies and covers that are easy to install. Divider_8 Line Large They are even easier to dismantle and put away when not in use. These items not only deflect the wind and sun but also keep your guests and loved ones safe and secure. If holding an outdoor event this summer, now is the perfect time to take advantage of cheap marquees and a whole host of other accessories.

Furniture and Chair Hire

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Furniture and chair hire services are always available for outdoor or indoor events. This includes Rotary Club brunches, along with birthday parties and family gatherings. These accessories come in a variety of colors and sizes, and are designed to accentuate the theme of any event. At cost-affordable rates, you can find a variety of chair styles and tables for optimal comfort and relaxation.

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It simply depends on how many people are attending the event in order to place appropriate orders. With years of extensive industry experience, event hire specialists can easily deliver and set up all chairs, tables, and accessories for your convenience. They also specialize in P.A systems, speakers, catering, and all forms of entertainment and rentals.

Catering Hire Services

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Table Dressing Ideas

Catering hire services are available for indoor and outdoor office parties. From scrumptious appetizers to delicious entrees, local chefs specialize in a myriad of dishes that will enhance any event. This includes lavish and elegant banquets, along with Bar Mitzvahs and family reunions. They also feature uniformed waiters and waitresses for wedding receptions, along with bartenders for corporate functions. Whether you love continental or international cuisine, area chefs can easily prepare an extensive menu for buffets or table dining.

Event Hire Services

Event hire services are the perfect solution to your outdoor events. All it takes is a simply phone call or e-mail to find the right tables, chairs, patio furniture, and catering you need. Most event hire companies also offer discounts and promotional specials for first time customers. This is a great way to save, while ensuring your outdoor event has all the seating and catering to make it a smash.

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Whether for office parties or tea parties, you never have to worry about purchasing costly table and accessories. Simply rent them from event hire companies and access true savings today. You can, of course, purchase these items directly from these companies as well. They are much more affordable than the high premium prices at furniture outlets and stores across the UK.

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